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Vikeduo, established on 28th February 2010, traditional handmade shoes by fresh understanding, creating comfort shoes from customized. Endowing the shoes with more lush color though unique dyeing technology. Focusing on its own style and never blindly follows suit. The traditional handmade shoes have a history of nearly 137 years. Shoemaker completed the whole process of handmade by their persistence. That is always a challenge to make a new pair of shoes for a shoemaker who is experienced and strictly demand technology. As the younger generation, we hope the career we are engaged in is conducive to the development of traditional culture, being able to infuse new blood into the traditional shoe-making industry. Nowadays, as the low-quality products dumping and quickly catching on have become a consumption habit, shoes have turned into a sort of fast food that just can temporarily meet the aesthetic need. The practical meaning of shoes, therefore, has been ignored. We stick to the originality of product development, the overturning of extravagance, the strict selection of materials, and the meticulous shoe-making process. While in pursuit of uniqueness, we put more emphasis on the feelings of customers. Besides, Vikeduo is developing from online brand ,based on which, VIKEDUO combines its brand with exquisite shoe-making technology. Integration of production and merchandising show the procedure to customers, online and offline also offer more high-level customer service. The high-quality guarantee and transparent distribution channel of VIKEDUO will build a bridge of trust between business partners and customers. On the basis of traditional shoe-making craft, Vikeduo properly allocates the proportion of fashion and craft with its new understanding and attitude, which presents a vaguely familiar, but unparalleled shoes work. Also, we found the skilled craftsmen who are earnest about shoes, using their craftsmanship and many years handmade shoemaking experience to enable people to enjoy the wonderful feelings of great shoes. Vikeduo endows shoes with more colors through its distinct Patina technique. We make shoes in our special way, exploiting to the full our favorable conditions, flexibly applying the colors, and producing the patina tone that looks like essential oil, which will make each pair of shoes vivid and vigorous. The affluent colors, such as the low-key color, the conspicuous color, the gloomy color, and the ardent color, bestow each pair of shoes with the unparalleled temperament. In addition, each pair of shoes is designed in accordance with the customization of customers, which will appropriately show the personalities of customers. The unique dyeing techniques, the special tannage, and the proficient skills of the color designers entitle the colors of shoes with the featured visible clearness. And after the first time of dyeing, the color designers of VIKEDUO will make the fine adjustment on the color of the vamp before the second time of dyeing. Consequentially, the tone in large of the leather shoes will absolutely adhere to the requests of the customers. On the caring of products: we offer free maintenance, and whatever happened, we suggest you sending your shoes back to our mill twice a year. Then you will have specialists to do maintenance for your shoes. VIKEDUO wishes everyone can get back the quality of life, so it conscientiously inspects the comfort and quality of shoes, and each product will have been tested by the partners of VIKEDUO before it is regarded as qualified and is produced. Shoemaking.we are serious. Shoemaking.shoes are subjected to feet. Design.endowed with the unique spirit by the unique personality, originates from classical embellishment. Liu Xiang and Li Tongqing, who graduated from Academy of Arts & Design of Wenzhou University, majored in Shoes Design. These two guys who have cooperated for four years have formed tacit agreement, especially on the collocation between design and color. They are adept at finding some special elements and applying them to their designs, technology, and business. just like what they are saying old craft, and new attitude.